Sunday, August 26, 2007

Iran: shock

An earthquake measuring 4.7 on the Richter scale struck Saturday around Haji Abad and Orzuiyeh, Semnan province. Four people got injured.
Later that day an eartquake measuring 4.5 struck the town of Javadabad, Tehran province. There are no reports of injuries.

Three people got wounded when a mine went off near the northwestern city of Sardasht, West-Azerbaijan province.
According to colonel Valizadeh, head of Sardasht border security forces, the mine was planted by the Kurdish rebel group Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PEJAK). According to him they often attack civilians. PEJAK is a militant group based in northern Iraq, which carries out armed attacks in Iran.
PEJAK is affiliated to PKK, which has been designated as a terrorist group by the European Union, United States, Turkey and Iran.

In the city of Mashhad a woman gave birth to quintuplets.
Mashhad Medical University announced that three of the newborn babies are girls and two are boys.The baby's are in good condition and kept in incubator.
The infants’ weight is between one and one and a half kilogram.
This was the first pregnancy of the 30-year-old mother who was undergoing treatment for infertility.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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