Monday, August 18, 2008

Iran: attack

In the prison of the city of Zahedan, Sistan-e-Baluchistanprovince is a man hanged.
Enkethab says that the man, Hasan Sadeghpour was having an illegal sexual relationship.

Elahe Amani wrote an article for Iran Women Solidarity in which she writes about the consequences and backgrounds of the 'Family Protection Bill'.
The Family Protection Bill passed last week almost silently the first discussionround of Iranian parliament.
The law is a violation of the human rights of Iranian women, reinforcing current discriminatory laws, and creating an encouraging environment for polygamy.
Women rights activists, feminists, human rights defenders, as well as secular and religious groups (including some conservative women’s groups) oppose against the law and demand that the government take action to prevent it from passing through parliament for a final vote.

Nahid Jafari who was sentenced along with three other women, to six months in prison and 10 lashes has been cleared by an appeal court.
The daily Kargozaran reported that the fate of the other three women is not known.
The women got arrested in 2007, along with 32 other women,during a protest against the trial of another five women's rights activists.

Sunday are 35 Pakistan nationals arrested by Iranian borderguards and handed over to the Taftan police. The men were crossing the border and entered into Iranian territory without any legal documents.

The daily Kayhan wrote that the release of Ahmad Qasaban, Ehsan Mansouri and Majid Tavakoli, three students of Amir Kabir university was because they were pardoned by Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.
Iran Human Rights write that they were released by strong efforts of their families, citing article 18. They have been in prison 15 months. They were sentenced for publishing articles against islam. At the review of their case, it came out that the articles they were alleged to have published were fake.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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