Thursday, September 25, 2008

Iran: future

The Iranian parliament approved the new penal law,calling for a mandatory death sentence for apostates, or those who leave Islam.
Also according to other points of this law, extrasensory individuals, fortune-tellers and homosexuals will be sentenced to death.
The law passed with 196 votes for the law, 7 against, 2 votes abstained.
Two men converted to Christianity were arrested in Shiraz in May this year. The court demands death sentence for them.

Iran has banned the import of all Chinese dairy products. In China died 50.000 babies of contaminated baby milk.
Iran does not import directly powdered milk from China and a ban has now been placed on Chinese products containing milk.

The director of the Iranian National Tax Administration announced that VAT (value added tax) has been enforced as of September 22.
VAT is an efficient way to fight against money laundering.
The World Trade Organization (WTO) considers VAT enforcement a prerequisite for the WTO membership.

Many NGO's supporting children’s rights believe child abuse cases have increased at an alarming rate within the recent years.
According to statistics from Protecting the Rights of Children organization , childabuse increased with 3.5% in compare to the previous year.These statistics have been prepared by the society and are not a true reflection of the actual data.
According to an expert on social issues a study in 2001 in Tehran said that 31 percent of students in middle school had been molested sexually in some shape or form. Similar studies in other cities have shown a larger percentage of various forms of abuses.
Despite this, people active in this area believe that the collection of reports on all forms of child abuse is overshadowed by cultural and traditional barriers.
Iran has no steady or regulated program for reporting and data collection.
The chairman of the Child Protection Society said that in 1996 10% of children between 10 and 18 years were employed.In 2006 the number had increased to 12.7 percent, which translated to 1,660,000 children.
Farshid Yazdani told ISNA that considering population statistics and the number of students, presently there are 3,600,000 children who are outside of the school system.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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