Friday, October 24, 2008

Iran: issues

The president of California State University has issued a statement of great concern about the arrest of Esha Momeni.
October 15th, Esha Momeni was arrested in Tehran.
He states that Esha Momeni is a US-citizen, who is arrested while conducting research as part of her Master’s degree requirements in Mass Communications at California State University, Northridge.Her thesis is focused on women’s issues in Iran.
He also stated that the university supports the efforts of the American government to secure Ms. Momeni’s immediate release.

The Iranian Labor minister said Thursday in the financial newspaper Sarmayeh that at the moment more the 1 out of 10 people is jobless.
The unemployment rates are risen this summer from 9.6% to 10.2%.
He said that 15.6 % of those without work were university graduates, but gave no further details.
In March it was said there was a continuing decline in unemployment rate compared to the same month in the previous year.

Wednesday Iran forced a Belarusian fighter jet , a Ilyushin Il-76, to land on a airfield near Bushehr.The fighterjet violated Iranian airspace.
The plane was carrying a Belarusian military delegation to Doha in Qatar.
Members of the military delegation aboard the plane were interrogated by Iranian officials before they were permitted to leave Iran.
Belarus' Foreign Ministry summoned the Iranian ambassador to Belarus, who apologized and assured that Tehran would conduct a comprehensive investigation into the incident, which he said occurred due to lack of coordination.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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