Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Iran: the nature of the beast

Iranian security forces arrested two pigeons near the Natanz nuclear facility.
One of the pigeons was caught near a rose water production plant in the city of Kashan in Isfahan province.
Daily Etemad Melli wrote that metal rings and "invisible" strings were attached to the bird, suggesting that the bird communicated what it had seen.
Earlier this month, a black pigeon was caught also bearing rings with invisible strings.
Last year there were reports of spying squirrels.

About ten villages have been destroyed by heavy bombardments of the Iranian army near Zahedan, Sistan-e-Baluchistan province.
Since October 11th, when the bombardment has started, shootings take place, and the government tries to prevent the news from spreading, they only showed a picture of four killed members of Jundullah.
According to Jundullah more then forty security forces died and as many are wounded. Also a helicopter was shot.
Balochistan PeoplesParty says that electricity in the area as well as all telephone links are cut off.
The clashes in the area started after Sjiite militias demolished a Sunni mosque and school near the city of Zabol at August 27, 2008.
Over the past three years, hundreds of people have been executed or are in prison without having the right to have a lawyer.
In Sistan-e-Baluchistan most people are sunni moslim and the majority of people in Iran are shia.

Esha Momeni,, member of the OneMillionSignatures Campaign and a student from California was arrested on Wednesday October 15, 2008, while on a visit to Tehran.
She was pulled over on Moddaress highway, by "under cover traffic police" on the pretense that she had unlawfully passed another vehicle while driving.
After her arrest she was transferred to Evinprison. Prior to this, officials with a searchwarrant searched her home and seized property, including her computer and films which were part of her thesis project.

While security forces had promised Esha’s family that she would be released quickly if news of her arrest was not published, the news came out with a delay.
Two months ago she came to Iran to visit her family and to work on her Masters thesis project, focused on the Iranian women’s movement.
To this end she had conducted video interviews with members of the One Million Signatures Campaign in Tehran.
Friends of Esha established a weblog (for Esha) as a support for her release.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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