Sunday, October 05, 2008

Iran: through

Armed men killed 2 persons and wounded 5 when they opened firw on a mosque in the city of Mhashar, Khuzestan province.
Two armed bikers opened fire on the mosque.
Police injured one of the men before they fled the scene.

Saturday last week, students of the university of Tabriz held together with members of the Islamic Society of this university a sit-in demonstration to protest the detention and continued detention of ethnic activist students during the summer season.
They called slogans and carried signs which among other things said: release our comrades: "Sajad Radmehr, Faraz Zehtabi, Idin Khojei, Amir Mardani, Mansoor Aminian, Maghsoud Ahdi".
Protesting students gathered at the main building of the university and read a statement addressed to the head of the university,

August 22, Kurdish political prisoners Ehsan Topooz, Morad Diar, Ali-Ahmad Solaiman, Mostafa Ali-Ahmad, Balal Chiligar, Nehad Toonjehr, Omar Chaparaz, Jumhoor Azgooch, Yosef Atsaz began a hunger strike to demand compliance with their rights as prisoners in Oromieh central prison.
Under the cover of discussing their demands with prison authorities they were transferred to solitary confinement. They are not allowed to have public view.
Their physical condition have deteriorated and their lives are in danger.
Sahand Ali-Mohammad, Bakhshali Mohammadi, Abadullah Ghasemzadeh, Mehdi Ghasemzadeh en Yones Aghaian are five prisoners who have been imprisoned in the same prison for more than five years. September 15 they were transferred to solitary confinement as they began their hunger strike to protest the illegal handling of their case.Due to previous hungerstrikes and the bad sanitary conditions of the Oromieh prison,their physical condition
is weakening.
Khalil Mostafa-Rajab, a Kurdish political prisoner and a citizen of Syria, has been on hunger strike for more than one month. He suffers from arthritis and a kidney disease. He is currently being kept in Sepah hospital in the city of Saghez where he continues his hungerstrike.
Hedayat Ghazali, an imprisoned Kurdish student, began a hunger strike in Evin prison August 22. Due to the hungerstrike he has experienced convulsions and in spite of his transfer to the medical unit of the prison, he has rejected intravenous treatment.
His physical condition has been weakened and his life is in danger.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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