Monday, October 20, 2008

Iran: written

After protests against articles 23 and 25 to the Family Protection Bill, both articles were removed before the bill could be brought to parliament.
Recent reports however indicate the possibility of re-adding both Articles and resubmitting them to the commission for yet another review.
A member of the legal and judicial commission told Mehrnews agency that new additions were made to Article 23.
Hereby a man wishing to remarry must first secure permission from his wife, and additional requirements will also be stipulated to ensure that men will maintain equality.

The Iranian parliament is set to discuss a petition for the impeachment of Iran's interior minister Ali Kordan.
Wednesday 20 members of parliament petitioned for impeachment of Kordan and the discussion will be October 26th.
Kordan said that he had a honorary degree from Oxford university but the degree turned out to be fake.
Kordan pressed charges against a person claiming to be a representative of Oxford University in Tehran.

Javad Alizadeh an expelled student for a Masters degree at Alameh University was detained and sent to section 209 of Evin prison.
December 7, 2007 he was arrested in Tehrann university after he held a speech.
He spent 2 months in solitary confinement before he was released after posting a bail bond amounting to $85,000 .
His has been freed a little less than a year ago and the court repeatedly delayed and postponed his case.
This week he went to the Revolutionary Court and annulled his bail bond as a sign of protest.
Following this he was arrested and transferred to Evinprison.

The number of suspended students and human rightsactivists who are prevented from study, is increasing.
Shiva Nazarahari, a civil engineering student at the University of Tehran found herself on the list of suspended students and can't register in the master’s program.
When she tried to registrate to some courses she repeatedly got an errormessage so registering was impossible. After consulting with the registration center she was told that her identification has been removed from the center’s file and she should consult with the selection desk at the teacher-student center.
At the center, her name was checked against a list of a few hundred names and then she was told she could not register and that she should try to resolve the issue with the Ministry of Intelligence.
As long as the Ministry of Intelligence has not given their approval, she is not allowed to continue her studies in Iran.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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