Thursday, November 27, 2008

Iran: blocked

A man is sentenced to blindness in both eyes.
The man, Mahid poured acid in the face of a girl who was denying to marry him.
As a result of the injuries she lost the sight on one eye and most of the sight on the other eye.
He is sentenced for retribution to lose the sight in his both eyes as well as economic compensation.

GlobalVoicesOnline writes that several Iranian news sites and blogs report that Iranian authorities closed an art-gallery for exposing “immoral” photos.
Here are some of these photos (scroll down) of photographer Peyman Hooshmanzadeh.

Various sites of the womans rightsmovement We Change and the One Million Signature Campaign were blocked by officials for the 17th time.
Sites of the Campaign operating from: Hamedan, Azarbaijan, Zahedan, Shiraz, Mashad, Zabol, Amol, Ilam, Kermanshah, Rasht, Arak, and Karaj along with the weblog of the men’s committee, the weblog of the working group on equal inheritance, and the photoblog of the Campaign were blocked.
The Campaign’s sites based outside of Iran, including the sites in California, Kuwait, Germany, Cyprus and Sweden have also been blocked.
Additionally women’s sites such as the Feminist School, the Women’s Solidarity Network, and weblogs addressing women’s issues, such as Parandeh Kharzar, Zananeha, Havva, and Free Keyboard were blocked through this mass effort at censorship.
Those outside Iran can still use
Inside Iran you can use:

November 15 is Delaram Ali sentenced by the Sixth Branch of the Tehran Appeals Court for the minor charge of disrupting public order to four months mandatory prison sentence and ten lashings which can be eliminated with the payment of a monetary fine.
She has once again objected to this sentence.
Also a video on YouTube wher Delaram Ali tells some things about herself.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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