Thursday, November 20, 2008

Iran: wield the axe

Sahand-Ali Mohammadi, Bakhsh-Ali Mohammadi, Abadullah Ghasemzadeh, Mehdi Ghasemzadeh en Yunis Aghayan, all from Ahle Haghprison in Oromieh, ended after 54 days their hungerstrike based on a request by their leader. Their fysical condition is bad. None of their demands were meet.
They started the hungerstrike to achieve better conditions in Ahle Haghprison.

Hashem Barzegar (Yashar Gonili), an Azeri activist and a law student in the Pyam Noor University in Tehran,was arrested November 9 by agents from the Ministry of Intelligence.
Since then he only was allowed after 3 days to contact his family once.
His whereabouts are unknown but his familymembers think that he is in solitary confinement in Section 209 of Evin Prison.

GlobalVoicesOnline writes that the daily Etemaad reported (fa) that two-centuries-old mulberry trees in Gilan province, Iran are cut down under the pretext of fighting local superstitions. Authorities claim the trees are cut down for constructionworks.
Some people are placing candles and ribbons under them as part of an ancient ritual, dating from the Zoroastrians.
Also "green" bloggers write down their astonishment of such destruction.
Mohmmad Darvish, an environmentalist writes (fa) among other things that "Iran is a low forest cover and that it is better instead of cutting down innocent trees, to fight against the roots of superstition".
Blogger Earth Soldier writes (fa) that "superstition is created by people and the trees are innocent".
(Photo blog Mohmmad Darvish).

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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