Saturday, December 06, 2008

Iran: memorable

Newspaper Etemaad wrote that Reza Alinejad, who was sentenced to death for a murder he alledgely committed when he was 17 years old, has been released, December 3rd.
The relatives of the victim forgave him and accepted bloodmoney.
The amount cannot be disclosed at this time. but his family had to mortgage their home and borrow a large sum of money at a high interest rate.

On the site Rooz online is an article, written by Ali Javaheri about a gathering commemorating the 10th anniversary of the serial murders of intellectuals and writers in Iran (Dariush Foruhar, Parvaneh Foruhar, Mohammad Mokhtari, Mohammad Jaafar Pooyandeh, Siroos Davani, Majid Sharif, Hamid Hajizadeh, Karoon Hajizadeh, Ahmad Tafazoli, Ahmad Mir-Alai, Dr Kazem Samii, Ghaffar Hosseini, Ali Akbar Saeedi Sirjani, and thousands of others) in the 90's.
All these people were killed by agents of the Intelligence Ministry of the Islamic Republic Iran because of their views, religious beliefs, and principles.
Those who were guilty of these murders were never all known or tried and prosecuted and not all files are complete.
One of the speakers on this event was Shirin Ebadi who ended her speech by saying that in order to prevent such acts in future and make truth known, an international forum had to pursue the cases to prevent the repetition of such acts.
She said: “If we are after justice, then we must also have some courage. We must also pay the price that comes with justice, which is when we can attain our goals.”
In Tehran the 10th anniversary of the murder on Daruish and Parvaneh Forohar i was prevented by security agents. Their daughter told Radio Farda that they gated the alley where the house is from both ends and prevented everybody, even close family members from approaching the residence.
In the past years the commemoration of these and the other murders, known as the Chainmurders was always prevented.

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran affirming the rights of members of the academic community in education, teaching and research, and their freedom of expression, association and assembly, as well as the basic right to education, called on the Iranian authorities to immediately engage in serious consultations with representatives of faculty and students to reinstate their freedoms and to restore a calm, productive and depoliticized environment on campuses.
Here a list of 201 detained students in the past 18 months.
Here a list of 161 students suspended or expelled from University since March 2007.
Students Day is celebrated every year to remember that 55 years ago 3 students were murdered by the Shah's security agents on campus.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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