Sunday, November 29, 2009

Iran: solidarity

Shirin Ebadi said in a interview that a revolutionary court confiscated all her personal bankaccounts, her pension, her husbands personal accounts and also his pension.
Iran said that the confiscation is because Ebadi owed taxes on the $1.3 million Nobel prize money.
She also told that she plans to leave for Iran soon.

Iranian stateradio said that the parliament passed a law Sunday wich allocates $20 million to investigate abuses and supporting progressive movements standing against illegal acts of the US and British governments.
ISNA writes that a workgroup, formed by Intelligence Ministry, Foreign Ministry, Telecommunication and Information Technology Ministry, Revolutionary Guard Corps and Parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission will decide how to spend the budget.

Relatives of Kianoosh Asa a student of Elm-o-Sanat university and a victim of the post-election events have written to Iranian authorities to investigate the details of his death and prosecution of its perpetrators.
June 15 he disappeared from a gathering after the election and 10 days later his corpse could be collected in the coroners office.
Eyewitnesses report that he was injured in the gathering by a "shot to his side." However, at the coroners office was evidence of another shot in the neck. The time of death and the details of the bullets were not specified.

In celebration of the United Nations' International Human Rights Day December 12, United 4 Iran will facilitate Arts United 4 Iran, a day devoted to worldwide displays of musical, visual, and performing arts in solidarity with Iranians and their fight for human rights in Iran.
That day, musicians, artists, writers and other people show their solidarity with students, humanrightsgroups and people in Iran.
Many cities worldwide planned events for 12 december, including Amsterdam, Berlin, Dusseldorf, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Phoenix, Salt Lake City, San Francisco, and Vancouver.
Narges Kalhor, the daughter of Mehdi Kalhor (advisor of Ahmadinejad) made a videomessage for support.


Green Brief

Enduring America

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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