Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Iran: more and more

In Khoramshahr, province Khuzestan, is April 14, a man hanged in public on the Ashayer square.
The man, Torab A. was according to the official judicial website, sentenced for drugstrafficking.
In Kerman were according to official reports of April 17, 5 men hanged in prison.
Mehdi N convicted of drugstrafficking, armed robbery and kidnapping.
Feizollah B, Nazar B., and Gholam H. convicted of drugstrafficking.
Hossein S, convicted for rape.
Daily Kayhan reported April 19 that 2 men were hanged in Isfahan.
The men, Soleiman J and Ahmad Kh. were convicted for drugstrafficking.
source: iranhr.net

In ward 350 of Evinprison also lesser known people are detained.
Seven of them are:
Pouya Ghorbani and Mehdi Koohkan, the both are in prison limbo in ward 350.
Arsalan Abadi was accused of moharebeh, him was given a reduced charge, now he is in prison limbo.
Iman Zare’i is sentenced to three years in jail.
Maysam Baik-Mohammadi,a English student, was given a sentence of 3 years in prison.
Kiarash Kamrani is sentenced to 6 years in prison.
Amir Mohammadi, is sentenced to 1 year in prison and 1 year suspended term.
source: RAHANA.

Humanrights and labor lawyer Vahid Ahmad Fakhreddin from Khuzestan province, who was arrested March 10, has been released.
Fakhreddin defended many local journalists and labor activists.
source: RAHANA

Although the bailbond for Madieh Golroo was reduced with $200,000 to $500,000, her family has no money enough to bail her out, so she remains in Evinprison.
November 3, 2009, Golroo was arrested.
source: RAHANA

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In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.
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