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Iran: folly

In Tehran have 80 young boys and girls been arrested for participating in an illegal concert.They were charged with “participation in a ceremony filled with pleasure and fooling around.”
According to the Tehran prosecutor a number of people secretly organized a music concert and were charging people $30 to $35 to attend.The files for the 80 young girls and boys and the charges against five people who were selling the concert tickets have been forwarded to the office of the Tehran Prosecutor.

A humanrightsactivist told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that although journalist Mohammad Davari was in prison gone in temporary hungerstrike twice.
Despite this he is still mistreated and under heavy physical and psychological pressure to make forged confessions.
Continuation of these conditions would put the journalist in danger.
Until his arrest last September Davari served as a Chief of Staff of Mehdi Karroubi and chef-editor of Saham News.

Ahmad Zeidabadi's wife told that she is concerned about her husband’s health.
Zeidabadi is detained under very difficult conditions among dangerous common criminals in Rajaee Shahr prison in Karaj.
Although $500,000 bail is posted, he was not released and the money is still at the judiciary.
The conditions in Rajaee Shahr prison are very unhiegenic and bad.
January 2 Zeinabadi was sentenced to a prison term of 6 years,5 years in exile in Gonabadi and a longlife ban to work as a journalist.

The site International Campaign for Human Rights publishes an interview with humanrightsactivist Ali Kantoori.
Kantoori was detained in several prisons and lives currently in Turkey.

59 names of "green" prisoners
1.. Ali Parvizi
2. Hamid Piroozfaam
3. Hessam Tarmessi
4. Heydar Ali Heydari
5. Fatemeh Khorramlou
6. Mohammad Ali Robati
7. Mohammad Javad Reshad
8. Ramin Rezai
9. Farzaneh Zinayi
10. Mansour Saatchi
11. Mehrdad Sepahvand
12. Sassan Satarzadeh
13. Arash Saghar
14. Saeed Soudmelli
15. Majid Tayari
16. Hadi Abed Bakhoda
17. Abtin Ghafari
18. Ardeshir Fazari
19. Abolfazl Ghasemi
20. Ali Ghasemi
21. Pooya Ghorbani
22. Akbar Ajdadi
23. Ali Arshadi
24. Nassir Asadi
25. Saeed Zouhournabavi
26. Mehri Nabavi
27. Amir Nasiri
28. Farhad Ezhari
29. Shahab Akbarzadeh
30. Ramin Ebrahimi
31. Iman Azarian
32. Hassan Etemadi
33. Ahmad Bahrami
34. Zahra Bahrami
35. Motahare Bahrami
36. Ayoub Ghanbarpourian
37. Seyed Navid Kamran
38. Amin Keshavarz
39. Parviz Varmezyahri
40. Soheil Mohammadi Nasirmahale
41. Hossein Mahmoudi
42. Majeed Moghimi
43. Seyed Mansour Mousavi
44. Peyman Mehdian
45. Abuzar Mehrani
46. Soheil Mohammad NasirMahale
47. Ibrahim Nouhi
48. Saman Nouranian
49. Mohammad Hossein Mohseni (unconfirmed)
50. Faramarz Mohammadi (unconfirmed)
51. Bahram Mosivand (unconfirmed)
52. Parvaneh Ghasemi (unconfirmed)
53. Aref Nasseri (unconfirmed)
54. Mehrdad Taheri (unconfirmed)
55. Ariyan Nezam Abadi (unconfirmed)
56. Sahar Ghasem Nejad (unconfirmed)
57. Rojan Nourian (unconfirmed)
58. Mehdi Vaezi (unconfirmed)
59. Mahsa Yadallahi Razavi (unconfirmed)

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In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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