Friday, May 14, 2010

Iran: further

The bodies of the 5 political prisoners who were executed May 9th will not be delivered to the family.
Intelligence officers told them that the place of burial will be announced in 10 days.
Intelligence officers announced before that holding the bodies of the executed political prisoners will be a guarantee of peace and especially in Kurdistan.
But also were familymembers of the executed threathened not to participate on memorial services and rallies.
The mother and sister of Shirin Alamhouli were shortly arrested Wednesday and there were attempts to arrest Farzad Kamangars family in front of Evinprison.They are under house arrest in Sanandaj after returning back. Also, Ali Heydarian’s brother was summoned and threatened by Sanandaj intelligence office and his entire family is prohibited from attending rallies.

In Kurdistan was a general strike yesterday to protest.
Pictures are here and here.
Here a list with worldwide protest events against the 5 executions from May 9th in Iran.

24 derwishes of the Namatullahi Gonabadi order were accused of disturbing public peace and order through holding illegal gatherings and were sentenced by the court in Gonabad to punishments ranging from lashings to imprisonment and exile.

1. Abdulreza Kashani
2. Alireza Abasi
3. Nazarali Marvi
4. Mohammad Marvi-Shahri
5. Shukrullah Hosseini-Baidokhti
6. Ali Kashani-Far
7. Mohammad Kashani
8. Saeed Kashani
9. Amir-Roshan Mojaver-Sufi
10. Ali-Mohammad Amanian
11. Ruhullah Safari
12. Ehsan Amanian
13. Ali Abasi-Baidokhti
14. Ebrahim Abaszadeh
15. Mohammad-Ali Jaafari
16. Hossein Mahdavi
17. Hossein Abaszadeh-Baidokhti
18. Rahmat Hosseini
19. Ramin Sultankhah
20. Reza Kakhaki
21. Behrooz Mojaver-Sufi
22. Ali Mir
23. Zafar-Ali Moghaymi
24. Hasan Baluchi-Baidokhti

Saman Nouranian,, one of the lesser known Ashuraprisoners is sentenced to 3 years in prison.

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In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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