Saturday, May 29, 2010

Iran: statements

At a fire , caught in a well in the town of Naftshahr in western Kermanshah province at 6.25 local time, 3 people died and 12 people got wounded.
According to an official the fire was caused by the leakage of gas near drilling machinery and has still not been extinguished.

According to new disciplinary regulations at the Medical School of Shiraz is laughing out loud prohibited.
The ruling is in chapter 7, paragraph 23 of the university regulations.
This is the first time such regulations have been implemented at the university level in Iran.
The regulation includes a ban on t-shirts for men and coloured Manteaus (long shirts and light jackets) for women. It also includes a ban on long fingernails and high heels shoes taller than three centimeters.
These rulings were announced at least three months ago, but university management was not able to enforce the rules due to student protests.
However at a meeting Basij students by chanting and protestletters enforced the management to imply the regulations.

The journalist Issa Saharkhiz, who has been detained for almost a year without a trial, suffered hartproblems and was visited by doctors yesterday.
He has been recently moved to the prison in Rajaee-Shahr and the prison’s authorities have denied him access to his heart medication.

The reformist Assembly of Combatant Clerics has issued a statement for the anniversary of the Green movement’s first birtday.In this statement , the Assembly reminds of the importance of the Green Movement for democracy and the fact that many people are in prisons with heavy and unfair sentences.
Finally, the Assembly reiterates that the solution to get out of the current crisis is to free all political prisoners and hold free elections.
Some of the leading members of the Assembly are: former President Mohammad Khatami, Mohammad Ali Abtahi, Mohammad Mousavi Khoeini, and the brother of the Supreme Leader, Hadi Khamenei.

The reformist Islamic Iran Participation Front has issued a statement regarding the events of last year’s month of Khordaad (June).
The IIPF states that the reformist movement was established based on necessities to free elections and that people’s votes must be the determining factor.
Het IIPF condemns the government’s attacks on people’s freedom, security and dignity in the name of religion and by using all the government’s official and unofficial power and denounces its accusations against people, scholars, artists and politicians who took part in the peaceful demonstration of millions of protestors on last years Khordad 25 (June 15).
At the end of its statement the Participation Front warns that the country is in crisis in every aspect; and the only way out of this crisis is to completely execute the constitution and for the government to recognize people’s demands for reviving their rights, free gatherings, parties, press and elections.

enduring america

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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