Sunday, June 13, 2010

Iran: further

Yesterday there were rallies all over te world supporting the pro-democratic movement of Iran.
In USA, Canada, New Zealand, Johannesburg and various cities in Europe gathered people and humanrights movements.
The site shows youtube videos of these gatherings.

The site persian2english publishes a videocompilation of videos made in Iran of yesterdays 22 Khordad demonstrations.

Yesterday were intelligence agents and special guards in Tehran and various other cities present to prevent people to gather.
A RAHANA reporter was arrested while covering the demonstrations that marked the anniversary of the June presidential election.
After being questioned and after the pictures were deleted, he was released.
At Tehran university were students arrested when they gathered on te campus.
In Sistan & Baluchestan university silent demonstrations were held by the students.
Despite provocations by staffmembers the students stayed calm.
In the city of Shiraz were a unknown number of protestors arrested.
In various locations across the city, security forces, basij and even traffic police had stationed every 20 meters
soirce: TRAHANA

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Er zitten nog steeds ter dood veroordeelde minderjarigen in Iran in de gevangenis.
Er worden kinderen opgehangen.
Er wordt een kind gehangen.


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