Thursday, August 26, 2010

Iran: felonious

A humanrights activist in Mashad told International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran that 2100 people in Mashad are on death row, and 300 are executed in secret.
source: ICHRI

According to prosecutor Abbas Jafari Dolatabadi of Tehran mal-veiling is a crisme.
He also believes that new technologies and cyberspace are leading to “corruption”.
He said this during a speech on August 21.
source: HRA

August 25 derwishes Esmaeil(Hadi) Rahmanian, Farzad Darvish-Sarvestani, Ali Akbar Ebrahimzadeh, Heydar Esparjani, and Keramatollah Mohit along with their lawyerrs Farshid Yadollahi Farsi, Amir Eslami (2 members of Human Rights Committee of the Bar Association), and Davoud Montazeri referred to the revolutionary court in Sarvestan.
They were interrogated on charges of blasphemy, disturbing public order by gathering in front of the Governor’s Office, and damaging public property.
The judges of 1st branch of Sarvestan revolutionary Court announced that the investigation will be held in private and prevented the lawyers from attending.
At the end of the day all five derwishes were arrested and transferred to the Intelligence Ministry after the meeting.
source: HRHI

The student Nima Nahvi has started a hungerstrike to protest the failure of the authorities to transfer him to his hometown prison, the denial of his conditional release request considering the fact that he has served half of his sentence, and his transfer to the high risk criminal ward.
He is a student at Noshirvani Babol University of Technology and, following the presidential election, is serving a 10 months prisonsentence of which he has served more than 5 months.
source: HRHI

Persian2english blog will present in part 1 to 3 the history of 30 years of massacre and execution in Kurdistan province.
The data is from the blog titled *Neither My Type or that of Yours*, writer Shahabaddin Sheikhi reviews the history of executions and massacres of the Kurdish population in Iran post 1979 Islamic Revolution. [*the title of the blog is a direct translation. The name of the blog in Persian is "Na Az Jense Khodam Na Az Jense Shoma"]
The titles for parts 1-3 are added to the report by Persian2English and not the original author.

A British tourist spent 58 days in captivity in Iran because he took a photograph from a sunrise - showed pylons near a power plant.
When the police investigated his laptop, and found photos he had taken in Iraq when he worked there, he was arrested.
He was taken in solitary confinement to Evinprison in Tehran, where he was interrogated on charge of espionage.
Finally he was handed to the British Embassy.
He was arrested June 21 in Ahwaz.

enduring america

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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