Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Iran: further

Till now no news is published about the fate of Dutch-Iranian Zahra Bahrami.

Gozaar published a humanrightsreport about human rights abuse in August 2010. This shows among other things that the regime has made considerable use of ta’ziri punishments.
These allow a judge to impose a sentence according to his discretion because no prescribed punishment exists in Islamic law. Such an approach means that defendants have no idea as to the extent of the legal jeopardy that they face, yet another example of the unfairness of the Iranian legal system.
The crackdown on universities has intensified by summoning of students for questioning, student suspensions and arrest of students as well as dismissal of professors.
Many protestors after the elections, who were arrested are accused of moharebeh or for “acting against national security” and similar crimes.
Unionmembers have been harrassed and arrested.
Recent figures from Mehrafarin Institute show there are five million children in Iran who have not received any schooling.
Women are sentenced to death by stoning.
Members of religious minorities like Bahai are strongly persecuted and excluded from universities.
Following a crackdown on derwishes they are also threathened.
Statistics for executions are rising and brings back memory of the mass executions of the 1980s in the minds of the public.
source: gozaar

Various websites report that that more then fifty of plain clothes forces yesterday have surrounded the house of Mehdi Karroubi .According to unconfirmed news on Sahamnews they carried batons and tear gas bombs and arrived at the scene on large motorbikes and in various other cars.
On Mousavi's de Facebooksite is a report in English and Farsi.
Karroubi had said that he also this year will participate in the Qodsdayrally.
source: Zamaneh, Facebook

enduring america

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.
Poster amnesty.nl

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