Thursday, November 24, 2011

Iran: difference

According to an Iranian member of parliament are 12 CIA spies arrested by Iran. The exact charges are unknown.
Sources say they are accused of targeting the nuclear program.

Blogger and medical student at Manila Medical School on Philippines Rojin Mohammadi is arrested October 24 on returning from Turkey to Iran. She was transferred to Evinprison, and after 24 hours released on bail. Five days later her parents house was searched by security agents. She was arrested on unknown charges.

Nine political prisoners started a hungerstrike in the prison of Yazd. They protest against being locked up together with ordinary inmates and also the inappropriate behavior of prison officials towards political prisoners.
Their names are: Khales Zamani, Abdolsaleh Osmani,Abdolrahman Jangali, Ali Salehi, Omar Imami, Mohammad Moradi, Hani Bani, Rostam Arkia, Vali Doroodi
source: freedomessenger

The political secretary of Iran’s Freedom Movement, Mohammad Tavassoli, 74 is in prison without being allowed to contact his family.
November 3, Tavassoli was arrested in relation with a letter sent October 15 to Mohammad Khatami signed by 143 political and social activists.
He is accused of forging the signatures of this letter, but during the weeks he is in prison, several of the people who signed the letter have been interrogated and all said ‘we signed the letter ourselves and it is not a forgery'.

Siamak Ghaderi a former IRNA reporter wrote a letter from prison, to remind the public that not long ago, journalists like him received similar treatment from the very IRNA chief under attack today.
Ghaderi writes of the “inhumane” treatment he received from intelligence officials, who carried a letter from Javanfekr accusing him of being “anti-regime and anti-Velayat Faqih,” similar to the allegations reportedly now levelled against Javanfekr.
Ghaderi was arrested in August 2010 and is serving a 3 years prisonsentence.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.


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