Thursday, February 09, 2012

Iran: more

In the past days 4 men have been hanged in Qom.
Mehrnews writes that the unnamed men all were convicted for drugstrafficking and were hanged in the prison.

The mental health of Reza Malek, Ayub Ghanbarpourian and other political prisoners in Evinprison is in danger especially for those who are sentenced to death, and who are in uncertainty when their execution sentence will be carried out.
Sometimes prisoners are subjected to mock executions and they only know in the last moment that this was not for real.
Many prisoners have sincere sleeping disorders, this varies from in the middle of the night screaming waking up every night to complete sleep deprivation.
Also many prisoners try to commit suicide. Those are transferred to a mental hospital where they stay 14 days in hand and footcuffs.

According to recent reports from Evin prison’s Ward 350, the medical clinic is engaging in abusive practices against inmates, including the improper administration of mind-altering medication.
The clinic stopped administering medications to some prisoners while others are given large doses of drugs that can result in serious mental side effects.
This was the case with sentenced to death webdesigner Vahid Asghari, while political prisoner Hossein Asghari, got numerous medications that he is addicted to them.

The deathsentence of Javad Lari has been commuted by the Supreme Court to a 2 year prisonsentence.
Lari was arrested for acting against national security but was sentenced to death by judge Selavati for moharebeh(enmity with god).He was sentenced to death for being a supporter of the MKO in the 80's for which he served 5 years in prison.
source: freedomessenger

February 7th is in Tehran Shamim Zeinol-Abedin summoned to the Sentence Implementation Unit to be flogged 50 times. She was convicted in 2009 for disrupting public order and participating in an illegal protest.
source: freedomessenger

Political prisoner Abolfazl Ghadyani has been transferred to the intensive care unit of the Modares hospital. It is reported that his health was deteriorating over the last days.
He has a heartcondition, acute hyperthyroidism and a prostate condition and has recently lost a significant amount of weight.
Although his one-year prisonsentence ended in December, he was not released, instead he was interrogated again.

On the eve of February 14th, security agents threathened to arrest the daughters of Mousavi.
One daughter has been banned from activities at the university where she teaches.
Last year February 14, Mousavi and Karroubi were illegally detained in housearrest.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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