Monday, March 19, 2012

Iran: protests

The imprisoned Gonabadi Dervishes in ward 350 of Evin prison suffer because of malnutrition, iron deficiency and anemia.
A reporter of Majzoonan Noor website wrote that this is diagnosed for lawyers, administrators and staffs from this website who are in detention more than six months.
Article 95 of executive regulation of prison organization, food menu should include vegetables, fruits, and meat every week,which almost never happens in ward 350.
90% of the food in ward 350 is not properly cooked and food are often dumped in trash.
source: freedomessenger

After 70 days of hungerstrike is blogger, publisher and physician Mahdi Khazali released by authorities from Evinprison.
January 9 he was arrested and spent 25 days in isolation before he was transferred to ward 350. Website Kaleme says that he suffered more then 30 kilo weightloss.
Also just days ahead of the Iranian New Year, in Mati Kola prison in Babol a number of political prisoners were released from detention.
Among them are the singer Arya Aramnejad and the mother of imprisoned humanrightsactivist Kouhar Koudarzi, Parvin Mokhtareh.

Saturdaymorning were in Shiraz the Bahai Kavoos Samimi and Kambiz Habibi arrested.Human Rights Reporters Committee reported that first their houses were raided.
In February were four other Bahai arrested and the houses of more then 350 Bahai in Shiraz searched.
Dori Amri and Mona Rezai who were arrested in Mashhad are sentenced to one year in prison on charges of propaganda against the regime through practicing the Baha’i faith.

March 8 the steelworkers of Asadabad protested against the not payment of four months’ back wages.
On March 14 retired workers of Iran Air protested about unpaid wages and pensions.
Also on March 14 more then 70 workers of Ahvaz Sugar and Sugar Refinary Factory demanded at the governors office for last year wages and pensions.
On March 11 and 12 2000 workers of Neibor Industries and Planting Company in Shoushtar striked for 2 days demanding the implementation of the Occupation Rationalization Plan.
source: iranlaborreport


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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