Friday, April 20, 2012

Iran: arrested

April 18 in the prison of Semnan  is a man hanged.
The man M. Gh was convicted for keeping 3 kilos and 984 grams of crack.
In the prison of Isfahan are two men hanged on April 19.
The not named men were convicted for keeping of respectively 710 grams and 628 grams of crack.
In the city of Marvdasht is one man hanged in public.The man, S. M. was convicted for rape, sodomy, kidnapping and murder.

In Brazil is an Iranian diplomat accused of molesting minor girls.
He was questioned by Brasilian police but released after invoking diplomatic immunity.
The not named diplomat was accused of inappropriately touching girls between 9 and 15 years old at a pool in a private club. The Iranian foreign ministry rejected the accusations.

During the weeks leading up to the April 15 anniversary of a 2005 protest and subsequent crackdown were according to the European Ahwazi Human Rights Organisation (EAHRO)  at least 26 people arrested in Ahwaz and surroundings by the Iranian authorities.
April 15, 2005 widespread demonstrations broke out in various neighborhoods of Ahwaz in protest against ethnic discrimination and government policies which lead to substantial dislocation of Arab-Iranians and impoverishment of local communities. At the time, Iranian authorities arrested hundreds of protestors, and since then they have responded to local grievances with a heavy-handed policy of repression.
The names of the arrested are:
1. Jabbar Yabbari (45),
2. Fawwaz Hmoud Jabdra Shemiri (45),
3. Ahmed Sawari (25),
4. Sadeq (Sadegh) Sharhani (30),
5. Hmoud Sawari (25), son of Rahim,
6. Nabi Sawari (42), son of Hassan,
7. Aqil (Aghil) Sawari (30),
8. Hamoud Sayyahi (30),
9. Syed Nabi Mousawi (26),
10. Fadil Sawari,
11. Yusef Manbouhi,
12. Qasim (Ghasim) Marwani (25),
13. Syed Mohamad Mousawi (28),
14. Syed Ali Mousawi,
15. Shehab Bayt Sayyah,
16. Syed Mohammed Mousawi,
17. Ali Kaabi,
18. Mohammed Saedi,
19. Ahmed Mashaali,
20. Maher Mousawi,
21. Khadijeh Alboshokeh,
22. Mohsen Ibaiyat,
23. Nasser Moslemzadeh,
24. Salman Sayyahi,
25. Sajjad Dahaimi,
26. Sadeq (Sadegh) Farajallah Kaab


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.
Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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