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Iran: age August 28, 2012

The health of blogger Mohammad Reza Pour-Shegera who is imprisoned in Karaj prison has been strongly detoriated.
He is suffering from bleeding from the kidney, but prison authorities are refusing to grant him medical leave.
source: iranbriefing.net

LAtimes writes that the U.S. policy in the last 30 years to "isolate" Iran failed.
The 16th summit of Non-Aligned Movement which was formed in 1961 to counterbalance the superpowers, in Tehran, this week, attended by representatives from more than 100 countries — 35 heads of state, including Mohamed Morsi, president of Egypt, as well as U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon shows this.
For the next three years, Iran will serve as the chair of the movement.
source: latimes.com

A 2002 ruling by the Expediency Council laid down that girls below 13 and boys younger than 15 could only wed with their father’s consent and the permission of a court.
By many organizations is warned for of a surge in mental illness, suicides, teenage runaways and girls turning to prostitution as the nuptials frequently end in divorce.
Statistic showed that some families are said to be marrying off their daughters to older men to pay off debts.
The Society For Protecting The Rights of The Child, said 43,459 girls aged under 15 had married in 2009, compared with 33,383 three years previously. In 2010, 716 girls younger than 10 had wed, up from 449 the previous year.
source: freedomessenger

weekly report 19-8 (Arbitrary arrests)

weekly report 19-8 (Basic freedom and rights abused and Religious and ethnic minorities and Suppressive maneuvers)
weekly report 26-8 (Systematic violations of the right to life Executions, arbitrary killings, deaths in custody, and death sentences)

weekly report 26-8 ( Arbitrary arrests and Prison)

weekly rport 26-8 ( Basic freedom and rights abused)

weekly report 26-8 (Religious and ethnic minorities and Suppressive maneuvers and Violence against women)

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In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.

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