Friday, February 22, 2013

Iran: spy February 22, 2013

In the prison of Dizelabad in Kermanshah were on February 20 3 men hanged.
Media in Kermanshah mentioned that the men were convicted of drug trafficking. No further details were given about the charges and identities of the prisoners.

The Iranian Intelligence Ministry announced on Tuesday that more journalists have been summoned and interrogated about their relations with the “British Government Spy Organization.” Previously, 16 journalists were arrested beginning in late January,
In earlier statements on January 30 and February 5 the Iranian Intelligence Ministry claimed that the detained journalists were in contact with the BBC and “elements of the 2009 sedition”.
In the third statement no evidence was referred to, but the Ministry added the names of several other websites, news networks, and any training in the field of media to the list of “spy networks,” claiming that that all of them are controlled by the BBC. The statement mentioned Kaleme, Rooz Online, Khodnevis, JARAS, Nedaye Sabz, Gozar, Saham News, and the Persian-language services of Radio France International, Radio Farda, Deutsche Welle, Voice of America, and Manoto TV as anti-revolutionary media, related to the 2009 “sedition elements.”
Reporters Without Borders, the International Association of Iranian Journalists, the Iran Media Program, and Mianeh School of Journalism are some of the other organizations described as “anti-revolutionary” in this statement.
Of the 16 journalists are Rayhaneh Tabatabaee, Milad Fadai Asl, Soleiman Mohammadi, Sasan Aghaee, Nasrin Takhayori, Emily Amraee, Narges Joudaki, Saba Azarpeik, Pouria Alemi, Akbar Montajebi, Kayvan Mehregan, and Hassan Yaghchi remain in prison.
In recent days Ali Dehghan, Fatemeh Sagharchi, and Javad Daliri were released on bail, Motahareh Shafiee was released the next day.

The Syrian Kurd Evin Molood Sheikhoo, 28, and the Turkish Kurd Ghedisseh Ghaderi, 25 serve a prisonsentence of 7 years for “cooperation with the Kurdish group PKK.” Intelligence Office interrogators routinely summon the two women and interrogate them about their prior cooperation with Kurdish groups, and pressure them to cooperate with the Intelligence Ministry to identify PKK organizers and supporters in the border region.

Opinions of the working group on arbitrary detention.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.


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