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Iran: more March 12, 2013

The Iranian Ministry of Information and Communications Technology Thursday blocked most software used to bypass the internetfilters.
Also Viber, for free phone calls, and WhatsApp, for free text messaging service, are experiencing problems.
People trying to visit illegal websites are being directed to a page, Peyvandha.ir, where users are encouraged to report illegal use of the Internet.
source: nytimes.com

On March 11 the EU added 9 people to the blacklist of Iranians facing a travel ban and an assets freeze. The total number of Iranians facing EU sanctions is 87.
There is also an assets freeze on one "entity," meaning a company or organization.
The sanctions will be in place until April 13, 2014.The total list will be published on March 12.
source: rferl.org

Committee of Human Rights Reporters reports that Mohsen Ghashghiyayizadeh, Mohammad Parsi, Ahmadreza Ahmadi, Pejman Zafarmand, and Akbar Amini members of Saraye Ahle Ghalam (Association of Writers) who were detained before, were summoned to appear in court to face charges against them.
In Shiraz is student, writer and blogger of the blog "sufi" Badri Safyari on March 6 arrested by 3 plainclothed officers. After that they searched the house and confiscated personal items including her computer.
The former dean of Tehran Medical Sciences department of Islamic Azad University Parvin Ghafarkhani who was arrested on charges of "insulting the leadership" and was released on a bail of 50 million tomans, put herself on fire and is in hospital in serious physical and mental condition.
source: chrr.biz

Reporters without Borders announced in a report that China, Iran, Syria, Bahrain, and Vietnam are five state enemies of the internet for their internetcensorship and spying that report is here.
Without advanced technology, authoritarian regimes would not be able to spy on their citizens. RSF made a list of five “Corporate Enemies of the Internet, the five companies are Gamma, Trovicor, Hacking Team, Amesys and Blue Coat.
source: en.rsf.org


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.

Poster amnesty.nl

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