Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Iran: notable

An accident with an Iranian passengerbus in Turkey at the town of Dogubayazit, Agri province near the Iranian border cost the lives of 14 people, leaving 23 people injured, some of them seriously.
The accident occurred when the bus overturned.

The production of each kilogram of sugar is much higher than the price of the imported one.The Managing Director of Sugar Industries Company at the Mostazafan Foundation said that unregulated sugar imports has led to a huge reduction in domestic production.
Before, the production of sugar beet was 6.7 million tons per year, last year it was 4.2 million tons and according to him this year’s production has been slashed to just about 1.5 million tons.
The demand is around 1.9 million tons per year, but official figures estimate that over three million tons of cheap sugar that undercut local produce have been imported.
The head of Khuzestand Industry and Mine House says that mafia groups based in neighboring countries are also trying to disrupt Iran’s sugar market by purchasing the product in bulk and creating an artificial shortage.
Sugar industry experts believe that Iran could attain self-sufficiency in sugar in coming years with the implementation of a Sugar Industry Development Project.

Iranian authorities have ended the search for Hussein Al-Fadhala, a Kuwaiti who was reported missing in Iran. The Iranian Ambassador to Kuwait said that all security forces in Iran including the Navy and Islamic Revolution Guard Corps (IRGC) have not found anything that could lead to Al-Fadhala's whereabouts.
The ambassador sent a letter to the Kuwaitian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, affirming that Hussein Al-Fadhala was not detained in any of the Iranian prisons.

Three Amir Kabir University students have been barred by the Sanjesh Organization from continuing their academic studies.
Ali Saberi, Puyan Mahmoudian and Nasser Pouyafar had been already warned by the university's disciplinary committee about their political activities.
The Sanjesh Organization is in charge of holding nation-wide university entrance exams.
A group of “starred” students and individuals have written a letter to the Minister of Science protesting the harsh disciplinary measures that lock them out of higher education.
In this letter it says that, among other things, since he was appointed Minister of Science, three years ago, expelling students from education has increased.
Three years ago approximately 1750 students had qualified academically to continue their studies at a higher level, but after the announcement of the results, students were given one, two, or three stars. Seventeen three-starred students were refused final registration.
Even though the students made an official complaint and the Divan-e Edalat-e Edari (Administrative Tribunal) issued a provisional order for university admission to some of these students, university officials refused to obey the order and the students were not allowed.
The past two years this is repeated, with this difference that students are told to go to the office for faculty and student selection, which is located on the fourth floor of the Sanjesh Organization where they've been told that, although they qualified academically for graduate-school admission, they failed to meet the general requirements and are instantly barred from the country’s universities.
Furthermore the last two years, the suspension rulings for studentactivists are exceptional heavy so they exceed the number of semesters allotted to students to complete their education at the university. As a result they cannot complete their study.
They ask Dr. Zahedan to look critically at his policies and where necessary, change them.
The letter is signed by
"Starred” students:
Ziya Nabavi
Ali Saberi
Naser Puyafar
Seyyed Hamed Ahmadi
Towhid Alizadeh
Asqar Ghanbari
Samad Pasha'i
Nader Mahdqarebagh
Nahid Babazadeh
Amin Emami
Yahya Saffariyan
Zahra Tohidi
Alireza Khoshbakht
Morteza Hosaynzadeh
Hanif Karegari

Students, barred from education by order of the Disciplinary Committee:
Sadegh Shoja'i
Sa`id Fayyzollahzadeh
Majid Dori
`Alireza Musavi
Mahdiye Golru
Aydin Khaje'i
Faraz Zehtab
Mas`ud `Ahdi
Mansur Aminian
Sajjad Radmehr
Amir Mardani

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.
Poster amnesty.nl

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