Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Iran: paper

According to a statement of Human Rights Watch are five countries in the world responsible for all executions of juvenile offenders since 2005.
In total are since January 2005 32 juvenile offenders executed:
Iran (26), Saudi Arabia (2), Sudan (2), Pakistan (1), and Yemen (1). Iran is known to have executed six juvenile offenders so far in 2008, including two in August.
There are over 130 juveniles currently sentenced to death.

Stop Child Executions reports that the attorney Mohammad Mostafaei and other human rights defenders regularly email the news related to child executions to a mailing list of media and human right organizations.
The hardline newspaper Kayhan is also on this list.
In response to receiving the news of recent approval of an Iranian juvenile (Hossein),the editor of Kayhan newspaper sent the following response today:
"Subject: RE: Hossein's execution verdict was approved
Please do not send mail to me, your news is not interesting to me."

According to a report of newsagency ISCA is the deathsentence of Hossein(19-year-old)
approved by Branch 31 of Iran's supreme court.
He is sentenced to death for killing Ali, 30-year-old by a knife during a group street fight on November 9, 2006. Hossein says that his confession was obtained under pressure and he is
not guilty, although witnesses have testified against him.

ISCA newsagency says that Ali M. who was sentenced to death for stabbing Ramin is pardoned and and saved from execution in the city of Qom by Ramin's parents after receipt of $75,000 as part of the blood money.
It is likely that Ali M. is the same juvenile as Ali Moradzadeh Zagheh from the city of Qom on the Stop Childs Executionslist .

According to the Deputy Police Chief of Sistan-e-Baluchestan province, the group Jondollah released one of sixteen policeofficers, who were kidnapped in Saravan in June.
He also said that Iran paid nothing in return for the release.

AFP reports that an advisor to President Ahmadinejad urged Interior Minister Ali Kordan in comments posted on his blog "to take the fair and brave decision as society expects before others take the correct decision on this issue."
Ali Kordan became controversially when, shortly after his appointment to Interior Minister, a honorary diploma, given to him by Oxford University, apparently was a fake.
Initially, President Ahmadinejad was defending his new minister, because a person cannot be judged over his qualities for a piece of paper but he later ordered a probe into all academic qualifications obtained by government officials since 1985.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.


Anonymous said...

There were 76 child offenders on death row in the US when the Supreme Court abolished juvenile offender executions in a narrow 5-4 decision.

christinA eijkhout said...

That is also the information the link I gave, provided.
But what is your point?
It is wellknown to everybody who is interested, that death penalty for childoffenders was common all over the world.
But now is 2008.
And nobody wants the deathpenalty for child offenders in the future.