Sunday, September 21, 2008

Iran: (re)move

Saturday night Iran has set the clock back for wintertime.
This means the clock has been set back for one hour.
Iran time is three and a half hours ahead of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

The chief of Iran's Central Bank, Tahmasb Mazaheri has resigned.
He will be replaced by Mahmoud Bahmani.
a senior government official said to Press-TV that it will be announced on Sunday. on condition of anonymity that .

During a meeting held by the teachers’ union center in the residence of one of the center members located in section 4 of Tehran, security agents detained more than ten individuals.
Teachers from other cities were also invitees.The arrested were all members of the coordinating council of teachers across the country, the arrests were made by plainclothed agents.
Although no clear information about the identity of the arrestants is known,they include
Mr. Akbari, Mr. Baghani, Mr. Beheshti, Mr. Niknejad, Mr. Iaynalzadeh,Mr. Noori, Mr. Ghoraishian, Mr. Falahi.

According to Amir Kabir Newsletter, several students of Teacher Training School in Tehran were arrested last week.
Last week inspector Hoseini repeatedly threathened the students that they have to appear for the revolutionary court in Karaj.
Sivan Farokhzadi had to appear before the revolutionary court in Karaj and later was arrested.
Last Tuesday, Amin Arya and Amin Shojae, two other students of the Teachers Training University in Tehran, had to appear before the court in Karaj and were later detained.
Monday evening, Mohammad Sharifi, was picked up by plainclothes security agents on the premises of the university and arrested.

More then 270 people in Marivan, civil rights activists, students and journalists announced their support of the hunger strike by Kurdish political prisoners and activists. They went in hungerstrike to protest the tortures, executions and bad treatment of Kurdish prisoners.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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