Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Iran: felonious

Iranian Interior Minister Ali Kordad admitted in a letter to president Ahmadinejad that the honorary Oxford University degree was invalid.
He writes that he did not know and that he pressed charges against the person who claimed to represent Oxford University in Tehran.
The president had a copy from the letter sent to parliament.

According to Deputy Police Commander Hossein Zolfaqari Iran's overall crime rate and murder rate declined during ramadan. Homicide rate dropped with 32%.
In Iran happen six murders per day. There is no motivation behind 50 percent of the homicides.15 percent of the murders are a result of family disputes.
Iran ranks 50 in the world in the homicide rate.
There was a 34 percent decrease in armed robberies, a 67 percent decrease in bank robberies, a 6 percent decrease in car theft, an 8 percent decrease in house robberies, a 12 percent decrease in shop robberies, and a 6 percent decrease in kidnapping and hostage taking.

In some parts of the Khuzestan province workers have protested in recent days in response to a two month delay in salary and benefits payments. The workers of the Haft Tapeh sugar factory started their protest September 22nd.
After negotiations agreements were supposed to be in a written form, which has not happened yet, and workers are waiting for the agreement to become a reality.
The workers of Pars paper mill in Shoosh have also gone in strike. They receive raw material from the refinery from the sugar factory. They have been told that the mill will be closed for the next two months, and this news comes as the workers at the mill have not been paid salaries and benefits for the past three months.
In Khuzestan also 1700 truckdrivers have demonstrated.In unofficial reports it has been said that about 1,700 of protestors in recent days rallied their trucks on a three-lane road in Khoramshahr, headed towards the terminal in Ahvaz. The truck rally stretched for three kilometers, and drivers demanded to have their needs met.
Among these demands elimination of middlemen in the transfer of loads to truck drivers, the creation of a syndicate for truck drivers in Ahvaz, the establishment of rest areas and medical treatment centers for drivers at Ahvaz terminals, and proper inspection of the activities in the terminals by the Ministry of Roads and Transportation.

GlobalVoicesOnline reports that in recent weeks several Iranian cities in the south and southeast of the country faced sandstorms from which several bloggers say that Iranian media did not cover these events.
Mohammad Darvish, an environmentalist writes (fa) about the sandstorm in Sistan-e-Baluchestan.
Blogger Vatanema wrote (fa) that he named the sandstorm in Ahwaz just like a hurricane: Jasem.
Probably between four and eight people were killed in this storm.
He also made a film:

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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