Thursday, October 02, 2008

Iran: unlawful

Six people were killed and 32 injured when a coach crashed in East Azerbaijanprovince, in Iran.
De driver lost control and the bus overturned and caught fire.

Mahmood Matin-Azad and Arash Basirat, two christians who were converted from islam, who were arrested in May in Shiraz along with 13 others, were released. The others were later interrogated and released, but they remained detained on accusations of apostacy.
According to the new draft Penal Law this is punishable with death.
The Italian newsagency Adnkronos reports that they were released September 30th, after a tribunal ruled that charges of "offence to Islam" and "diffusion of falsities" were "invalid".

Iranian teachers trying to attend a trade union meeting have been arrested in Iran. Every year is World Teachers Day worlwide celebrated.
Teachers who wanted to discuss possible activities to celebrate this day in the private building that was to host the meeting were harrassed by intelligence agents and arrested.
After 16 hours of illegal detention, 22 teachers were released; others were released later, after having been beaten.
Education International objects to the order by the Iranian Interior Ministry banning teacher union activities. The right of trade unions and teacher associations to operate and hold meetings to discuss professional questions, is an essential element of freedom of association.
The arrest of trade union leaders and members constitutes a violation of the trade union rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
EI protested to the Iranian authorities requesting that teachers arrested in connection with the meeting about World Teachers' Day do not suffer consequences in their private or professional lives.

The ALO "Ahwaz Liberation Organization" condemned in a letter sent September 30, Syrian authorities who once again extradited Iranian refugees to Iran.
This time they extradited a family from Ahwaz, a mother,Massouma Al-Kabi and her five minor children, Shaima Habib Jaber, 14 year old, Asiyah Habib Jaber 13 year old, Asmae Habib Jaber 11 year old, Ayad Habib Jaber 7 year old and Emad Habib Jaber 4 year old.
The family fled Iran four months ago and was recognized by the UNHCR.
They should be reunited with the father in Denmark.

In 2006 the Netherlands citizen and human rightsactivist Abdullah Al Mansouri,was arrested along with Rasoul Mazrae, Saeed Saki en Taher Mazrae by the Syrian authorities and they were, against the Geneva Conventions and Syrian laws, extradited to Iran.
Since then the only thing that is known from Abdullah Al Mansouri is, that he is inside an Iranian prison and that he faces a trial.
In 1988 Al Mansouri was already in absence sentenced to death.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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