Friday, October 17, 2008

Iran: politics

Iranian National Confidence Party (NCP) holds a two-day conference to speak about the party's future policies.
More then 400 heads of offices, committees and members gathered and they will choose also the next party inspectors. Former president Khatami and visitors from 44 countries attended the event as guests.
The NCP belongs to the Reformist Coalition.
Mehdi Karroubi,who has candidated for the presidential election next year, is the NCP secretary-general.

The website of the One Million Signatures Campaign, the site Change for Equality has been blocked for the sixteenth time for readers from Iran.
The original address of the site of Change for Equality is: (fa and eng). The site will continue to update, along with any future domains.
The new address for readers in Iran is:
The authorities in Iran have continually blocked sites related to the Campaign and other related sites addressing women’s issues.
Each time those operating these sites, establish new domains where readers can access information.

In Roozonline Hossein Bastani wrote an article about the prisonrelease of a man Esmaeil Eftekhari, who already before the islamic revolution of 1979 was a gangmember and hooligan in Tehran and extracting ransom and extortion from prostitutes.
After the revolution he found his way into the Revolutionary Police, who had its own version of justice and law and order. During this time he was involved in serious crimes as the kidnapping of young girls and married women, rape, involvement with local kidnappers, threats, creation of fake legal charges.
In 2002 he was on trial for espionage and drugstrafficking.During these trials it was revealed that he also had held other official positions in the revolutionary court system, Passdaran Revolutionary Guards Corps, Mostazafan Foundation, and in Tehran’s ‎municipality.
In this functions he raped various women and intimidated their familymembers.
At these trials many crimes were proved, but he ended up with a sentence of only 8 years in prison.In prison he continued to murder other prisoners, and, is now released because of “good behavior” behind bars.
Eftekhari is only one of hundreds of thousand "leniency-for-cooperation cases" in the judiciary and security apparatus of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who got released as "first-class citizen".

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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