Thursday, October 16, 2008

Iran: suspension

In the prison of the city of Zahedan are 3 men hanged.
The men, Shahram Eyvani, Ramezan Rafei and Sasan Dogoshkani were convicted of possession of 322 kilos of heroin and 15 grammes of opium.
In the prison of Doroud, Lorestan province is Wednesday a man hanged.
The man, M.Gh., was convicted for murdering a woman and her daughter during a robbery.

According to the economics advisor to President Ahmadinejad, Morteza Tamaddon, lack of good information has led to the problems around the introduction of VAT. He says that the needed infrastructures have not been put in place and there has not been enough information.
After strikes last week in some Iranian cities, the implementation is suspended by two months.
Tamaddon says that many countries have improved their taxsystem by successfully implementing a value-added tax plan and Iran needs to update the tax system by leaving the traditional methods that do not meet the needs.
Meanwhile , some Iranian businesses have asked for more time until the new tax law is implemented.They say they need another six months to a year suspension.

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps naval forces have stopped a vessel in the Persian Gulf, carrying 90 tons of smuggled gasoline.
The vessel was heading for one of the Gulf states and was seized 20 miles southwest of Siri Island.
This happened shortly after Iran assigned the IRGC to replace the Iranian coastguard in protecting the Persian Gulf.

The Committee to Support Hunger Strike by Kurdish Civil Rights and Political Prisoners reported that Kaveh Tahmasbi, a civil rights activist and mountain climber from Sanandaj, was transferred to an unknown location by security forces stationed inside the prison.
There is no information on his status.
Tahmasbi was sentenced in August 2007 to a one-year imprisonment for his attempts against national security.
In September 2008 he was sentenced to six months imprisonment for illegal border-crossing by a court in the city of Piranshahr.
So far he has spent 14 months of his sentence.

According to a report of Reporters without Borders Evin prison is still one of Middle Easts biggest prisons for journalists after Emadeddin Baghi’s release.
Baghi was released October 5th, but next month he will be prosecuted for his activities as Head of the Organisation for the Defence of Prisoner Rights.
At this moment there are six journalists in Evinprison.
Four Azeri-journalists are kept in Evinprison since September 10th.
Alireza Sarafi, editor for Dilmaj (a monthly, closed 23 September 2007),
Said Mohamadi, editor for the literary magazine Yashagh, and reporters
Hassain Rashedi and Akabar Azad
, for the magazine Varlighe and the weekly Yarpag.
They were allowed visits for the first time on 13 October.
After leaving Evin, their families told Reporters Without Borders that the four were weak, exhausted and had lost a lot of weight.
Mohammed Sadegh Kabodvand, former editor of in 2004 closed down weekly Payam-e mardom-e Kurdestan is imprisoned for 16 months now.
Mohammad Hassin Falahieh is arrested and in section 209 since November 2006 and is sentenced in april 2007 to 3 years in prison on a charge of espionage.
Three other journalists are in jail in Kurdistan.
Massoud Kurdpoor is jailed in Mahabad.
Adnan Hassanpour is in prison in Sanandaj, awaiting a new trial,
Kaveh Javanmard is in jail in Maragheh for a sentence of two years and is temporarily released for treatment for a liverailment.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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