Sunday, November 30, 2008

Iran: mortality

The daily Etemaad writes that a policeofficial said that there have been 50 "honor killings" in the last 7 months. He did not say whether this number is for the whole country.According to him, the number of this year’s honor killings is the same as last year.
Honor killing has been increasing in Iran in the past years, from smaller towns in the outskirts of the country increasingly also in the bigger cities.
According to human rights organizations are the laws included in the Iranian constitution after 1980s partly responsible for this increase.
The number of parents killing their children has increased also. Article 220 of Iranian penal law states that if a father or grandfather kill his child or grandchild, he will not be convicted and punished for murder.

In Bandar Abbas died 12 people this week after consuming poisoned home-made alcohol.
IRNA reported Saturday that 92 people were admitted for drinking with methanol poisoned alcohol.23 people were treated as out patients and were released. Out of the remaining 69 who were hospitalised, 12 died. Nine people are in coma, out of whom six are in critical condition and may die, two have been blinded.
According to the police 5 suspects are arrested, and although they destroyed the remaining home-made alcohol, the police were able to seize distilling equipment.
In Islamic Iran is the production and consumption of alcohol strictly prohibited, except for recognised Christian minorities.
Violations are punishable by jail or the lash.

Saturday a nationwide drill in Iran was held because of the possibility of a strong earthquake.The city of Tehran for instance is built on 3 major faults that could become active any time. An earthquake measuring 6 on Richterscale could make uninhabitable more than 80 percent of buildings.
The city has not been hit by a major earthquake since 1830, but it is 90 percent likely that another one will strike.
In Tehran live 12 million people, millions will be killed and injured and the city will be completely crippled for at least a decade.Reconstruction will not be possible.
North of the city is the Alborz mountain area where great seismic activity is measured.
Teaching people how to respond to a quake would definitely help reduce the number of victims.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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