Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Iran: mixed

Navid Khanjani, member of Population of Combat against Education Discrimination and CHRR, is after paying bail released May 3 from Evinprison.
Hij was arrested March 2 and transferred to the by IRGC controlled part of Evinprison.
Khanjani is a student and has been deprived from his right to study because of believing in Baha’i faith. Another detained Baha’i student in Evin who is deprived of his right to study is Ighan Shahidi.
source: RAHANA

Amnesty International calls for urgent action for Jafar Kazemi, who is sentenced to death. September 18, 2009 he was arrested during a demonstration. He is accused of participating in a protestdemonstration where 100.000 other people also participated and is not accused of any violent actions.
Hij is sentenced to death for moharebeh and propaganda against the regime. He was arrested together with at least another, Mohammad Ali Aghaii who is accused with similar charges, but it is not known whether he has been sentenced to death as well.
Reportedly Kazemi was strongly interrogated for months and he was under severe pression to make a televised confession.In the 1980's and 1990's he was arrested for MKOmembership and visiting Iraq. One of his sons lives in Camp Ashraf.
Other demonstrators who are sentenced to death and are in imminent danger of execution are: Amir Reza Arefi, Mohammad Amin Valian, Motahareh (Simin) Bahrami and her husband Mohsen Daneshpour Moghadam Ahmad Daneshpour, and Hadi Ghaemi and Reyhaneh Ghanbari.
source: persian2english.com

May 2, National Teachers Day in Iran were several teachers arrested.
HRANA confirmed the arrest of Mohammad Taghi Fallahi, Iraj Javadi, Forghani, Mohammadi, Raeiszadeh, Ms. Barpar, Zeinalzadeh, Souri, Shivarani, Iman Zadeh, and Montajabi.
They were arrested paying tribute to the grave of 1-5-1961 killed Dr. Abol-Hassan Khan-Ali.
Reports say that last week also eight teachers were arrested.
source: persian2english

FIFA allowed the Iranian girlsfootballteam to play in the Youth Olympics.
They agreed the girls can wear caps that cover their hair but not their necks.
The first ever Youth Olympics, are scheduled for 12-25 August in Singapore.
source: BBC

In 13 brands imported rice were high levels of arsen and lead found.
The deputy chairman of the Majlis Health Committee said that the contamination was found in the brands Aria, Shirkhan, Farhadjan, Kamalolmolki, Kimia, Gol-e Yas, and Hajimoradi.
There will be tests and the results of the tests will be sent to the Majlis, Health Ministry, Commerce Ministry, and Standard Organization so that the officials can make the final decision.
source: mehrnews.com

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In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.
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