Monday, October 10, 2011

Iran: education

Universitystudents in Southampton launched a campaign called Can You Solve This? to help young Iranians who are barred from higher education. This campaign aims to bring to light the fact that Iran, one of the world’s most egregious human rights abusers, oppresses and discriminates against its own population.
Education is one of the fundamental rights.
The campaign uses a QR (Quick Response) code to attract attention.

More then 40 filosophers and theologists from 16 countries undersigned a statement in which they condemn the fact that Iran bars young Baha'is and others from higher education. The statement has been published in
The undersigners are from of Christian, Hindu, Jewish, and Muslim backgrounds.

Student activist Peyman Aref was released from jail after his lashing sentence was carried out.
He was convicted to one year in prison and 74 lashes and a lifetime ban from journalism and any membership in political parties.
His wife reported that his psychological state is good but he feels excruciating pain in his back.
source: HRHI

weekly report 8 October, violation of the right to life

weekly report 8 October,Basic freedom and rights abused

weekly report 8 October,Suppression of religious and ethnic minorities


Er zitten nog steeds ter dood veroordeelde minderjarigen in Iran in de gevangenis.
Er worden kinderen opgehangen.
Er wordt een kind gehangen.

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