Sunday, November 13, 2011

Iran: more

November 11 were in the prison of Qom 2 men hanged.
The men were named J. S. (67), convicted for carrying 13 kilos and 70 grams of crack, and M. T.(32), convicted for carrying 4965 grams of crack.
According to Fars newsagency were November 12 in the prison of Qazvin 3 prisoners flogged 60 times and then hanged.
The names of the men are S. D., 30 sentenced for kidnapping, rape and participating on robbery, to execution, 15 years in prison and 60 lashes, A. Sh.23, sentenced for kidnapping, rape and intended assaults to execution, 60 lashes and 13 years in prison, and S. A.30, sentenced for kidnapping, participation in robbery and rape to 15 years in jail, 60 lashes and execution.
M. D. was sentenced to 13 years in jail and 74 lashes for kidnapping and an immoral relationship.

According to American Thinker Iran is holding hostages in Iraq.
The Iranian Refugees Action Network received a request to help an asylumseeker in Iraq, it was not only a former university professor, but 34 other familymembers who are in Iraq.
The consul of Iran tried to violently return the professor (who is registered with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC),to Iran.
A member of his family was murdered by agents of Iran and the body was returned to Iran and dumped in the street, in front of his business, to intimidate others from speaking out against the crimes and brutality of the Islamic regime.The professor self was arrested in Iraq.
Multiple familymembers are imprisoned in Iran to put pressure on the professor.
The report also says that UNHCR is powerless to do something.

The Secretary of Apparel and Fashion Organizing Group said that foreign apparel would be removed from the clothing production line.
The main goal of Fashion Show this year is to update the Iranian-Islamic culture among producers’ production lines.
When this is done, foreign productions will be removed from the clothes and fashion line.
source: freedomessenger

The Campaign for the Defense of Civil and Political Prisoners reports that Branch 2 of Sanandaj Revolutionary Court convicted activist Saeed Saedi to 3 years in prison for illegal gathering and collusion against the regime and propaganda against the regime.
source: HRHI

The Bahai citizen Anvar Moslemi begun serving his 1 year prisonsentence in the prison of Sari.
He was convicted for anti-regimepropaganda.
source: HRHI

Iranian statemedia said that the explosion yesterday took the lives of at least 17 people and that 16 others were wounded.
The explosion occurred during the transport of munition from one depot to the other.
Till now there are no signs of sabotage.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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