Saturday, July 28, 2012

Iran: jailed July 28, 2012

Thursday the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran said that at least 28 Kurds were sentenced to death and are in prisons of Sanandaj, Urmia, Semnan, Rajaei Shahr and Saqqez.
In seventeen cases the deathsentence was upheld.
Habibollah Latifi, Rashid Akhkandi, Mostafa Salimi, Shirko Moarefi, Habibollah Golparipour, Zanyar Moradi and Loghman Moradi are among these 17,
ICHRI claims that 10 of these have been linked to Salafist groups.
The cases of 11 other prisoners, Samko Khorshidi, Sirvan Nejadi, Ebrahim Isapour, Rouzgar (Habib) Afshari, Ali Afshari, Houshang Rezaei, Reza Esmaili, Behrouz Alkhani, Seyed Sami Hosseini and Seyed Jamal Mohammad and Bakhtiar Memari. are still in the appeal phase.

It is reported that members of Kurdish Green Association, environmental activists Akbar Gavili, Veria Khosravi and Kamram Rahimi, were sentenced to four, two and three years in prison.

Ten days ago is Adibeh Kalantari,  from Ravansar arrested.
Since then her whereabouts or constitution are unknown.

Last Saturday is Habib Halfi arrested.
Some months ago he was released after serving a 2 years prisonsentence. He is a member of Iran’s Arab minority.
His brother, Ali Halfi, serves in the prison of Gonabadi a sentence of 30 years.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.


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