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Iran: more October 16th, 2012

According to Iranian state media, five prisoners were hanged in two different Iranian cities on October 14. They all were convicted in drugsrelated cases.
In the prison of Isfahan is Fazl Ahmad B. hanged.
In the prison of Tabas were Taj Mohammad B., Ali B., Hossein B., and Mohammad B. hanged.
source: iranhr.net

The sentenced to death Iranian American Amir Hekmati is in prison for seven months since his death sentence was overturned, without it is known when a retrial takes place and Iranian officials have ignored his family’s requests for information.
His father is diagnosed with an agressuve braincancer and has been unable to travel to Iran to visit his son.
source: iranhumanrights.org

Eutelsat has taken 19 Iranian television and radiobroadcasters off the air following the European Union sanctions. The channels of Iranian PressTV can't be seen by viewers in Europe since Mondaymorning.
PressTV is one of blocked channels.Others include Farsi-language channels for Iranian expatriates and Arabic-language offerings , including the news channel Al-Alam.
Most are still visible in Iran.
source: freedomessenger

In recent weeks spent the Iranian staterun PressTV a lot of time attacking human rights record of the Canadian government.
This is because of the visit of former Manitoba chief Terry Nelson and his small delegation in Tehran late last week for meetings with Iranian officials to discuss Canada’s treatment of its First Nations people.
source: freedomessenger

Der Spiegel writes that by IRGC a plan is made to make an oil spill in Street of Hormuz to block this shippinglane.
The plan, called Murky Water, involves steering one of the supertankers onto a rock—thereby forcing the International Compensation Fund for Oil Pollution Damage to intervene and the West to temporarily lifting the sanctions.
source: freedomessenger

report 13 september 2012 of the Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Iran.

Cartoon 27


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.

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