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Iran: more February 5 2013

Reports say that authorities in Rajai Shahr prison increase executions.None of the executions have been announced by the Iranian authorities.
January 27 Masoud Alimoradi and Mahmoud Nezami were executed.
February 3 one prisoner of ward 3 and on February 4 a prisoner of ward 1, Ali Mohammadzadeh were transferred for execution. Prisoners are normally transferred to Evin Prison for execution , but for the past two months Iranian authorities have been executing prisoners in a hall newly built in Rajai Shahr Prison.
source: iranhr.net

President Ahmadinejad said on Monday that he is prepared to be the first human in space. Ahmadinejad is known for provocative public comments.
Last week Iran launched(successful the country said) a rocket with a monkey into space.
Senator McCain twittered  jokingly(?):

source: Twitter, en.irangreenvoice.com

WND says that at the (denied) explosion on January 21 januari at the nuclear facilities near Fordow at least 40 people were killed, among them 2 North Koreans.
A member of security said that the bodies of 11 of the technicians and scientists are beyond recognition, 60 others are in critical condition and have been transferred to central base of 27th division of Mohammad Rassool Allah situated between Tehran and Qom, which is equipped with a modern medical facility. At the time of the explosions, 203 Iranian scientists and technicians along with 16 North Koreans had been at the site, though the initial report listed 240 people.
source: freerepublic.com

Former Tehran prosecutor , Saeed Mortazavi has been arrested. He is one of the responsible implicated in the Kahrizak Prison scandal. Sunday, the Iranian parliament voted to dismiss Ahmadinejad’s labour minister following his failure to dismiss former Mortazavi from his post as the director of the Social Security Organisation.
source: en.greenvoice.com

Cartoon 43


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.

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