Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Iran: more February 6, 2013

Former prosecutor Said Mortazavi has been released from detention.
IRNA reports that February 3 arrested Mortazavi was released on February 6. He was arrested shortly after Ahmadinejad publicly accused parliament speaker Ali Larijani's family of corruption.
Ahmadinejad harshly criticized Mortazavi's arrest, saying he would pursue the case after returning from his visit to Egypt.
During his visit to Egypt a man tried to throw a shoe to Ahmadinejad shouting "coward" as he striked out.
source:, BBC

Yasan Mousavi, has been arrested by security agents in his house in Tehran on February 3 and brought to Evin prison.It is told that he will be kept in temporary detention for one month.

Status of political prisoner Nasrin Tahayori, 45

Witness statement of Maryam Ahmadi.

Podcast 55


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.



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