Sunday, January 11, 2009

Iran: dark light

After the stoning in Mashhad last month, Stop Stoning Forever Campaign has publised a list with names of people who are sentenced to death by stoning in Iran.

1. Kobra Najjar, imprisoned in Reja’i-shahr- Karaj
2. Iran A., imprisoned in Sepidar Prison- Ahvaz
3. Kheirieh V., imprisoned in Sepidar Prison- Ahvaz
4. Ashraf Kalhori, imprisoned in Evin Prison-Tehran
5. Abdollah Farivar, imprisoned -Sari Prison
6. Ghilan Mohammadi, imprisoned in Central Prison -Isfahan
7. Gholamali Eskendari, imprisoned in Central Prison - Isfahan
8. Afsaneh R., imprisoned in In ‘Adel Abad Prison -Shiraz
9. The woman M.J., imprisoned in Vakil Abad Prison - Mashhad
10. The woman H. Imprisoned in Vakil Abad Prison - Mashhad

Iranian parlement is reviewing a new draft of the Islamic Penal Code, in which the punishment for adultery is, once again, stoning.
The only difference in this new act from the current law is that “based on the prosecutor’s discretion, if the implementation of penal measure such as stoning causes mafsadeh [degradation and disgrace], he can submit a revision and request an alternative measure such as lashing or execution to the Head of Judiciary.
In the last 3 years there were at least 6 cases of stoning.
For three years now, the Head of the Judiciary says there is a moratorium on stoning in effect for the entire country. As long as the penalty of stoning remains under the Penal Code, such words by the Head of the Judiciary are worthless.

The first solar power plant was inaugurated in Shiraz on Saturday.
The director of Iranian Renewable Energies Organization told Mehr newsagency that all equipment for the power plant was manufactured using Iranian materials and expertise.
By this inaugeration Iran has taken a giant stride towards generating electricity at the national level.
He also said that the solar power plant boasts a modest 250KW energy production capacity, which can be increased to 500KW by installing larger solar panels,

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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