Thursday, January 08, 2009

Iran: remember

Amir Kabir Newsletter reports that 17 students have received 27 terms suspensions for their participation on Students Day in Shiraz.
Mohsen Zarinkamar, Akbar Hasanpour, Loghman Ghadiri, Afshin Hoshang en Alma Ranjbar are collectively suspended and their files have been sent to the central disciplinary committee for charges of insulting the national and Islamic symbols and actions that are considered to be against the regime of the Islamic Republic.
Kazem Rezaei, Saeed Khalatbari, Abduljalil Rezaei, Arash Roostaei, Hadi Alamli, Hamdullah Namjo and two other students were collectively sentenced to 15 terms of suspension from studies.
January 3 were Abdoljalil Rezaiee, Kazem Rezaiee, Mohsen Zarinkamar, en Loghman Ghadiri Goltapeh arrested after summonses to the Intelligence Office in Shiraz.
Their families were informed that charges in their cases had not yet been filed and that they would be kept in detention until the investigation ends.
The families were not informed about the students’ whereabouts.
For all the sentencing was in effect regarded as their expulsion from the university.
Of the 37 students who have appeared before the disciplinary committee, for 20 students disciplinary actions have not yet been issued.
List of twenty-nine students at Shiraz University who were summoned to the Disciplinary Committee:
1. Mohsen Zarinkamar (suspended for two semesters and detained)
2. Akbar Hassanpour (suspended for two semesters)
3. Loghman Ghadiri (Suspended for two semesters and detained)
4. Afshin Houshang (suspended for two semesters)
5. Alma Ranjbar (suspended for two semesters)
6. Amin Karimi (suspended for one semester)
7. Armin Barazesh (suspended for one semester)
8. Amin Dorousti (written disciplinary in the educational file)
9. Kazem Rezaiee (suspended for two semesters and detained )
10. Saied Khalatbari (suspended for two semesters)
11. Abdoljalil Rezaiee (suspended for two semesters and detained)
12. Arash Roustaiee (suspended for two semesters)
13. Hadi Alamliee (suspended for two semesters)
14. Hamdoulah Namjou (suspended for two semesters)
15. Navid Ghafari (suspended for two semesters)
16. Hamed Masumi (suspended for two semesters)
17. Delbar Barkhoda
18. Rouholah Ghasemi
19. Esmaiel Jalilvand
20. Younes Mirhosseini
21. Ehsan Hashemi
22. Nasim Dalvand
23. Neda Eskandari
24. Mohadeseh Mahvi Shirazi
25. Fatemeh Aghaiee
26. Esmaiel Maadanchi
27. Kamran Mohammadi
28. Hemmat Jahanshahi
29. Mohammad Amin Karimi

According to RFL/RE Radio Farda an explosion at an Ashuracelebration on January 7 in Torbat-e Jam, a town about 40 kilometers from the Iranian-Afghan border, killed one person and wounded several others.
The report says that an explosive was thrown in a crowd Ashuramourners.
The perpetrator fled the scene.
Ashura, the death of Hussein, the grandson of Muhammad, is the most important day in the Shi'ite calendar.

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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