Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Iran: strike

Iranian filmdirector Jafar Panahi Sunday started a hungerstrike against the illtreatment and abuse of him and the threathenings against his family.
He read a letter to his family, which he wishes released to the Iranian media.
In this letter he describes the illtreatment and the threats to him and his family.
The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran condemns the inhumane treatment of Panahi and holds Iranian authorities directly responsible for any harm that may come to Panahi’s physical health.
Since Sunday Panahi did not eat or drink.

The workers in Iran continue the protest against wage thefts, layoffs, and job insecurity in the recent weeks.
Metal Industries (Tehran Zarrin Products) Unit 1 workers began their strike on May 12 for not received wages of the last six months as well as those from last June and July.
May 2, the workers of Mobarake Steel Workers in Isfahan started a strike protesting their wages and the differences between the permanent and contract workers, May 8th , the office workers also joined the strike.
May 16, communication workers from Azerbaijan, Lorestan, and other parts from the country went on strike to protest by the parliament asking to be paid according to the labor ministry scales.They have been working for years as contract workers for post offices, telephone, and banking services.
May 10, laid off workers of Sassan Soft Drink gathered at the offices of Sassan and asked their unemployment benefits. They were told that they don't get their benefits as there are new hiring ads. The workers claim that Sasan has reduced its work force by 700 in the course of the last year and is now trying to hire new workers at lower wages in their places.
Aborz China workers in Qazvin province staged a sit-in to protest their wage theft of seven months and the closure of the factory on May 8.
May 5 more then 30 familymembers of prisoners in Evinprison have been arrested when they gathered to get information.
Several labor activists from Khorasan Zarrin factory in Mashhad have been threatened by the intelligence ministry operatives.
The Pars Wagon Retired workers in Arak protested for the second time in two months for their demands.
They number around 6,000 and the total dues are about six million US dollars.
More then 300 Maghsoud Porcelain workers in Mashhad staged a gathering on May 4. They were protesting the lay offs and the unpaid back wages.
800 Zagros Terminal Bus workers and drivers in Ahwaz protested April 28 about not receiving their wages for several months.
Around 540 Mahnakh Textile workers staged a protest April 26 about nonpayment of four months of back wages and their bonuses.
Workers from Farnakh, Mahnakh, and Sarnakh textile factories were laid off in groups, their manager told them that the factory has to close down.
More then 50 workers of Bardsir Sugar Factory in Kerman province staged a gathering on April 20. The workers were protesting their layoffs and a wage theft of three years.

Kalemenews reported that Mohammad Davari, a member of the Teachers’ Association and Editor-in-Chief from Saham News and Mehdi Mahmoudian, a member of the Participation Front Party, each were sentenced to 5 years in prison.Their lawyers were not informed about the verdicts.They are going to appeal the verdicts.
Davari was helping Mehdi Karroubi document statements made by detainees who reported rape and sexual abuse in prisons.
Mahmoudian played a significant role in publishing news about the Kahrizak Detention Center in which at least four prisoners lost their lives.

enduring america

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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