Thursday, July 15, 2010

Iran: from stone by atom to stone

The Iranian scientist Shahram Amiri who claims being kidnapped by USA has returned in Iran.
After greeting his familymembers on the airport of Tehran he told that he was harshly foltered mentally and physical.
He also denied that he had been heavily involved in Iran's nuclear programme.
According to him the Americans would give him 50 million dollars when he agreed to stay in the USA.
He dismissed reports that he made the decision to return to Iran after his family came under pressure by the Islamic Republic.
source: BBC, PressTV

In the prison of Tabriz is Maryam Ghorbanzadeh, 25 years old sentenced to death by stoning for having an extramarital affair.
She is pregnant.
Her lawyer hopes that the stoningverdict will be revoked.
In last years were stoning sentences in 13 cases repealed into other sentences.
Ghorbanzadeh's lawyer hopes that international pressure can prevent the stoning.
The editor of the blog Persian2english notes: The laws inside Iran are based on Islamic law, which is not aligned with the teachings of the Holy Qur’an. In Iran’s governmental system, religion is used as a cover to loosely justify horrific acts of abuse, torture, and death.
International Committee Against Executions

In Tabriz is for the third time last week an executionorder made for Ebrahim Hamidi who is accused of homosexual harrassment.
According to his lawyer, Mohamad Mustafaei who rapported the case to the public two years ago, initially the young man along with three of his friends were engaged in a dispute between two families and was accused by the son of one family of attempting sexual harassment during the fight.After harsh torture Hamidi confessed, but he was innocent.
The Iranian Queer organization demands Iranian families to protest the deathsentence and to demand the judiciary to stop punishment of homosexuality with deathsentences.

The speaker of parliament nominated in a letter 5 jurists, three of whom will be elected by the parliament as the members of the Guardian Council.
The Guardian Council is composed of six Islamic jurists who are directly appointed by the Supreme leader. It also consists of six lawyers who are elected by the parliament from among those nominated by Judiciary chief.
The term of office for three members of the Guardian Council will draw to an end on July 16.
Mohammad Salimi,head of branch 31 of the Supreme Court,
Ahmad Beigi Habib-Abadi,advisor of the head of the judiciary,
Mohammad Reza Alizadeh, current member of the Guardian Council,
Mohammad Hadi Sadeqi, faculty member of Shiraz University,
Siyamak Rahpeik,head of judicial faculty in Tehran.

enduring america

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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