Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Iran: swap

Hussein Alizadeh who defected September 11 as Iranian diplomat in Finland, is the third Iranian diplomat who resigned.
Mohamed Reza Heydari and Farzad Farhangian did already resign earlier this year.
According to Alizadeh Ahmadinejad's government politics are damaging Iran.
He also said that there are likely to be other employees leaving the ministry in the future.
source: rferl.org

The International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran published links to interviews in which Iranian officials answer to humanrights-related questions.

source: iranhymanrights.org

In the city of Shiraz are 13 members of the Abou-Saleh Seminary, an organization which is supervised by dissidente senior cleric, Ayatollah Dastgheib, arrested.
Names were not revealed.
source: droi.wordpress.com

The brother and sister Sepideh and Soheil Almasi-Monfared, two Ashuradetainees were sentenced by judge Moghiseh of 28th branch of the revolutionary court to one year in prison.
They were charged with anti-regime propaganda.
source: HRHI

Fatemeh Naderkhani who was recently converted to the christian belief, is along with her husband Yousef Naderkhani, detained in Rasht Lakan Prison .
In a telephonecall she told that she was not allowed to visit her husband in the last two weeks and that she is threathened with a life in prison if she fails yo convert to islam.
Unconfirmed reports also stated that Behrouz Sadegh-Khanjani another detained christian is sentenced to death by two judges, the third judge has not issued a verdict yet.
source: HRHI

eanworldview(enduring america)

In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.
Poster amnesty.nl

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