Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Iran: more

Saturday is in Noshahr a man was hanged in public.
The man was sentenced to death for rape, and 147 lashes and 29 years of prison on charges of troublemaking, armed robbery, and clashing with agents.
source: freedomessenger

The assistant of the head of the judiciary in Khuzestan says that since 2009 94 deathsentences and amputations have been carried out.
source: freedomessenger

In Qazvin 2 men have been sentenced to death in public. Ali was sentenced to two death sentences in public on charges of complicity in the two crimes, 15 years of prison for assisting an intentional murder and 74 lashes. Milad was also sentenced to three hangings in public and prison for complicity in three murders.
The sentences will soon be carried out.
source: freedomessenger

At an interview with IranHRDC, Abdulhassan Bani Sadr told about the dealings of Iranian government and the Kurdish minority in 1979 and 1980.

Iranhrdc appointed Gissou Nia to executive director. Before this she worked at International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY).

November 13 there have been clashes between the residents of Gajin (Bandar Abbas) and security forces of the IRGC.
Several individuals were injured and taken to hospital.

It is reported that political prisoner and blogger Hussein Ronaghi Malaki suffered internal bleedings and his health is deteriorating.
Maleki Maleki has recently undergone a kidneytransplant and although physicians have recommended furlough for him in order to receive proper medical care, Iranian authorities have refused to release him temporarily and transferred him back to Evin Prison.

The former president Khatami said in a meeting that the countries best safety is holding free elections.
He said so to a gathering of reformist Azeri activists and once again called for the release of all political prisoners and an opening up of the political atmosphere.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.
A child will be hanged to death.

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