Saturday, May 12, 2012

Iran: different sites May 12, 2012

The Iranian rapper Shanin Najafi who received a n fatwa last week for releasing the song "Nagi" told "The Daily Beast" that he is not going to apologize.
The fatwa has been issued by an Iranian ayatollah because the text of the song is an insult to a Shi’a imam.
Since the death threats started on May 7 the rapper, who lives in Germany, has a secret hidingplace.
A Facebook page started signing up volunteers or assassins ready to kill the singer, received more than 600 likes before Facebook removed the page from its website.

The Washington Times writes that cyberthreats to USA from Iran has been increased in the past years. In recent months Iran allocated $1 billion governmental program to boost its national cybercapabilities.
Iran and China are ranked in top of the cyberthreats against USA.

An economic advisor from EU said that as a result from the imposed sanctions against Iran, international trade has become risky.
The comment came on the latest reports about China doing business with Iran, purchasing oil, and paying with its own national currency for it. He said that getting yuan as payment from China for oil exports, limits Iran's options at international markets.

The Washington Journal publishes a bookreview about the book "Patriot of Persia: Muhammad Mossadegh and a Tragic Anglo-American Coup" by Christopher de Bellaigue.


Er zitten nog steeds ter dood veroordeelde minderjarigen in Iran in de gevangenis.
Er worden kinderen opgehangen.
Er wordt een kind gehangen.

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