Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Iran: more September 26th, 2012

Iranian media reported that on September 25 one man was hanged in the prison of the city of Semnan.
The man, "H. Ch." was convicted for keeping 3400g crack.

The revolutionary court in Sanandaj sentenced 4 Kurds to a total of 120 years prisonterm.
Chengiz Ghader Kheiri was sentenced to 40 years in exile, Fakhroldin Faraji, to 30 years, Mohammad-Hossein Rezaei, 30 years and Ayoub Asadi, to 20 years.

According to reliable sources the prison authorities refused to treat medically Zanyar Moradi, who is sentenced to death.
The Kurds Zanyar and Logman Moradi signed a confession after being tortured and are both sentenced to death for the murder of an official.
Zanyar Moradi since suffers heavy backpains.

Following a study, made by Khosrow B. Semnani, and published by Hinckley Institute of Politics, University of Utah and Omid for Iran, named The Ayatollah’s Nuclear Gamble, a military strike on Irans nuclear facilities would have a devastating effect on those who dream of democracy in Iran.

Coordinating Committee to Help Form Workers’ Organizations in Iran reported that Alireza Asgari has been released on September 19 by Appeals Court of the Karaj Revolutionary Court.His sentence was commuted to one year with flogging, delayed for three years.
The physical condition of Asgari is bad.
September 22 additional 10.000 signatures were presented to the Ministry of Welfare, Labor and Social Affairs. The signatures were on the petition originally signed by 10,000 workers protesting the high cost of living and inadequate minimum wages.
source: iranlaborreport

The family of the American-Iranian Amir Hekmati, who is imprisoned in Iran on charges of espionage, asked President Ahmadinejad to release Hekmati on humanitarian reasons.
Last week, his father was diagnosed with inoperable cancer in the head and he is asking to see his son before he dies.

Mehragency reports that in Gilan province the cities Langroud, Siahkal, Shaft, Fuman, Astane Ashrafia and Lahijan were flooded by heavy rains.e inwoners zijn gedeeltelijk geevacueerd.
The Iranian regime has yet to report the possible amount of damages and casualties.
source: freedomessenger

Witness testimony of Soma Kamangar.


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.


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