Friday, October 05, 2012

Iran: more October 5th, 2012

In Masjeed-Soleiman in Khuzestan province were 2 men flogged in public on Wednesday.
ISNA reported that the men, H.K. en C.K. were charged for theft and sentenced to 50 and 70 lashes and five years in prison.

Faizallah Arab Surahi, a senior member of Revolution Mujaheddin has launched a hungerstrike to protest the lack of suitable medical treatment and the denigrating treatment he and his family suffer of prison staff.
Surahi was a deputy trade minister in the Khatami government and is sentenced to five years in prison for anti-regime propaganda and illegal gathering.

The commander of cyberpolice in Gilan announced the arrest of one person who published un-Islamic photos and content on his Facebook page . Two other individuals suspected of operating a website that published “prohibited” music were also arrested.

The Tehran attorney-general said that 16 people had been arrested on charges of disruption of the currency market. The 16 were said to have worked with "external and internal forces" in creating a panic that benefited them personally and helped to disrupt the economy.
Thursday almost every shop in the Tehran Grand Bazaar was closed.
The Businessinsider has an article about the question whether the hyperinflation in Iran can lead to revolution.
Videos from the anti-regime protests in the Bazaar.

ILNA reported that a recently approved 14points scheme “Mentor/Apprentice” from the Labor Ministry, faces strong opposition.
By this Mentor/Apprentice Scheme, the administration is reducing the workers’ rights to a third and by removing the age limit many skilled workers can legally be transformed into mere trainees with low wages.
Free Union of Iranian Workers has released a statement on this scheme which is in translation here..


In Iran there are childoffenders, still on death row.

Children are being hanged to death.

A child will be hanged to death.


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